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English Club

Hi, welcome to the Yuppentek 1 Senior High School English Club. Our English Club is different than any other extracurricular, because we prioritize the progress of each individual and train their self-confidence. We don’t only study English, but we also discuss general knowledge such as information about study abroad, unique facts about countries in the world and others. We implement several supporting activities as well so that you guys wont getting bored, there are: movie time and other exciting games!

If you don’t have basic English, that’s totally fine. We will always be there for you, we learn together, and help you. We are all equal in English club, no one is high, no one is low.

Anyone can be anything.

Hakuna matata, see you there!



To develop the potential, interests and talents of students in learning English to make the English Club a place to learn English that is easy, fun, and great so that they can apply English in their daily activities.


  1. Practice speaking and thinking skills through majors in the fields of: Speech, Story Telling, Poetry, News Casting, and Thinking Skills.
  2. Doing outdoor activities as a form of showing creativity, developing potential, and making learning together fun.
  3. Expanding the knowledge of extracurricular members by teaching grammar and the use of good and correct English.
  4. Doing ice breaking games before and after the main activity.

Extracurricular schedule

Every Wednesday, 13:00 WIB – 14:00 WIB

Visit our instagram @englishcluby.co